Question #14: What is the status of mobile payment in UK?

Henry Driver: “What is the status of mobile payment in the UK?”

Eli BOMAJED: “Worldpay relates that in 2016 a total number of 38 million of mobile contactless transactions are done with a total of 288 million of pounds. This still just represents 1,18% of all the in store payments. 9% of transactions are done in the sectors of beauty and pharmacy.
Consumers in London are the biggest mobile payment users with 32% of transactions occurring in London region.
In London, there is also the possibility to pay for an underground ticket with a card, similar to Oysters, but you also have the possibility to pay directly with your smartphone or bank card. More convenient and more accessible!
Contactless expenses on mobile devices have reached a maximal level when the expensed amount with a NFC smartphone covered £ 51 million.”

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