Stereotype #06: France is behind the times when it comes to mobile payment

Kevin, Communication Executive: “France is behind the times when it comes to mobile payment”

Eli BOMAJED: “France is not lagging behind but is a bit late regarding mobile payment.
Indeed, recent studies show that only 6% of French people declare having used mobile payment at least once. Only German people who are very loyal to hard cash are doing worst (4%). France is behind Italy (11%) or far behind Japan with 49% of respondents using this service. The average in Europe is 15%.

We can explain this backwardness by three main reasons:

– Advantages of mobile payment are not yet recognised by the general public. However this situation is evolving as several big French banks have launched during the first quarter of 2017 a mobile payment service under the common brand ‘Paylib’.
– There are still some questions related to the security in a country like France where the high level of security ensured by the bank card chip is solid achievement for many years.
– Mobile payment is accepted by more and more merchants, and is generalising. That’s why we should reach 100% of availability at merchants’ not later than the end of 2019.”

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